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Join us for a tropi-good time this summer at the ACTAA Summer Workshop, July 21-23! This summer, we will spend our time focusing on how to unite as a body and advocate for our profession….all while celebrating in true luau style!

Values and Mission

Equity Statement

The ACTAA is committed to modeling and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion for all communication, debate, and theatre arts communities through an intersectional lens.

We are continuously transforming our organization to reflect and operationalize the values of equity, integrity, respect, leadership, and service.

As an association of educators…

We will take responsibility.

We will heed, learn, and evolve.

We will work conscientiously to model and foster an inclusive and equitable speech and debate experience for all.

(NSDA. (2021) Equity Statement. National Speech & Debate Association.)

Vision Statement

We envision a future where all students may participate in communication, debate, and theatre arts in a safe and supportive environment to express their authentic selves and to grow personally and professionally through self-efficacy and reception of constructive feedback.

Mission Statement

The Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association is a community of professionals devoted to the rigorous study and ethical practice of oral communication, debate, dance, and theatre arts as an essential discipline, life skill, and art form as components of the core curriculum, as well as providing a platform for expression for ALL, teacher and student alike. We support the efforts and continued growth of communication and theatre arts teachers, students, and researchers across the state.

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