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A Welcome: Brandon Box-Higdem

What is Blithe Spirit about?


Scenic Portfolio: hosted by Michael Riha, Scenic design at UofA

HOW-TO Portfolio workshop links:




Competition presentation requirements:


Costume/Makeup Portfolio: hosted by Helene Siebrits & Callie Lythgoe, Costume design at UofA

HOW-TO Portfolio workshop links:


Competition presentation requirements:


Directing Prompt book and Concept: How to Present to a room of producers/ portfolio/ concept presentation hosted by: Morgan Hicks, Directing at UofA

HOW-TO Portfolio workshop links:


Competition presentation requirements:


Video Portfolio submissions are due: April 16th at midnight

Video Review by Panel begins on April 20th and closes on April 23rd. Top 3 will be selected by style

Announcement of Top 3 will be April 24th, 2022 and invites to present live at Theatre Squared

Part 2

Best-In-Show Live Presentation day May 13th, 2022

Beginning at 1pm

Located at Theatre Squared…

The day’s SCHEDULE:

1pm -1:45…Meeting with the “Chicken and Biscuits” design team to discuss concept and design ideas for the show.

2pm-4pm: All attendees will attend production of “Chicken and Biscuits”

Best-In-Show onstage presentations will begin at 430 for all top 3 in each category

Heavy Hordeovres and soda will be provided

Top award for each Best-In Show is presented live on Theatre Squared stage.

Event ends around 6:30pm with the announcement of top winners AND the winner of the scholarship.

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