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Debate Teaching Resources

ACTAA is proud to begin an initiative to share resources that we have found to be useful in our teaching. The following material is not the property of ACTAA, but is intended only for sharing of information among teachers. Please be responsible and respect copyright laws.

Balloon Debates

Colton Gilbert, from Little Rock Central, provides a lesson plan for the Balloon Debates activity. This activity is commonly used as an introductory activity after the fundamentals of argument are taught. It's a really fun activity for any age group!

Balloon Debate Activity

IPDA Debate Introduction

Ta-Neisha Marshall, from Bentonville West High School, at the 2014 Fall Conference provided a number of resources about IPDA. 

IPDA Debate Powerpoint 

IPDA Textbook

Judge Dream Team

Rosie Valdez Block, Director of Debate at Little Rock Central, provides the "Judge Dream Team" AMI Lesson that can be modified and adapted as needed. She states "Easy-to-do, easy-to-modify. You can give students specific scenarios and have them create ideal panels for specific imagined debate rounds. 

Judge Dream Team

Public Forum Debate Introduction

Dawn Tucker, Director of Forensics and Debate at Jonesboro High School, presents this introductory lesson to Public Forum Debate. This lesson is a great foundation of the style of debate which is helpful to both new students and returning ones. 

Introduction to PF Powerpoint

Debate Foundational Concepts

Rachel Mauchline, Director of Debate at Cabot, has created an AMI Packet for 5 Days in her Junior High/Freshman Debate Classes. This packet focuses materials that aren't full "units" but foundational concepts in debate that can be elaborated on in more practical activities and drills later. 

Debate Foundational Concept Packet

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