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Ethical Practices Constitutional Amendment

This has been tabled until Summer 2017.

Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association


Because our mission statement discusses who we are, this statement seeks to set

forth general principles that serve as a reminder of our responsibilities as members

of the teaching profession and this organization.


ACTAA Statement on Professional Ethics


This statement will define ethical practices for our committed professionals in an effort to aid us in pursuing our own excellence.


Ethical behavior is often defined as "right" or "good" behavior as measured against commonly accepted rules of conduct of a society or profession. The ethical person is often described as one who is fair, honest, straightforward, trustworthy, objective, moral and unprejudiced. The consistent exercise of integrity is the cornerstone of ethical behavior.

Principles of Conduct

As Members of ACTAA we should:

1. Model ethically responsible behavior for colleagues and students and expect ethical behavior from others at all times.

2. Have obligations that derive from common membership in the community of scholars. Avoid knowingly making false or malicious statements about colleagues.

3. Foster openness by encouraging and maintaining two-way communication, characterized by honesty and integrity.

4. Seek above all to be effective teachers and scholars.

5. Carefully represent the views of those with whom we are in disagreement.

6. Exercise care that expressions of personal offense at the differing opinions, ideas and actions of others not be used in front of students or colleagues.

7. Avoid forcing personal values, beliefs, and behaviors on others.

8. Be guided by a deep conviction of the worth and dignity of the advancement of knowledge and recognize the special responsibility placed on us.

9. Nurture the growth of communication students and their teachers.

10. Recognize that unprofessional and unlawful behavior is unacceptable.


At ACTAA Events


As members of ACTAA, your actions reflect on our association, our events, yourself, your team, your school and your colleagues.

We ask that you act appropriately and encourage your students to do the same.

Avoid doing or saying things that would reflect negatively on ACTAA or your team. If you have any doubts, ask.

We ask that you not speak negatively about other schools, judges, coaches, team members, etc. Negative comments like, "He slimes in rebuttals" and "She's a lousy judge," reflect negatively on ACTAA and damage the kind of community we wish to reflect to all students, colleagues and our state.

In light of our mission statement, statement on professional ethics and principles of

conduct, and because our organization functions in an educative and consultative capacity, we should not assume the role of adjudicator.

Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association is a non-profit professional organization serving educators of Oral Communication, Debate, Forensics, Theatre Arts, and Dance in Arkansas.

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