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Dear Colleague:

You are invited to attend the 2017 Arkansas Student Congress.  This year’s Student Congress will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Little Rock (201 S Shackleford Road) and the Arkansas State Capitol Building (500 Woodlane Street) Sunday, November 12th to Tuesday, November 14, 2017.  

The following additional information will soon be posted on our website,

  • 2017 Student Congress Schedule
  • Entry Forms
  • Bill Writing Instructions
  • A Sample Bill
  • A list of the 2016 bill titles (subjects) which cannot be used for 2017
  • A summary rules sheet for parliamentary procedure
  • Revised Student Congress By-Laws (the rules of the competition; which should be read and printed before completing your entry)

Should you decide to attend Student Congress, your completed entry form and one clear copy of each bill must be E-MAILED to Leigh Walters and Martene Campbell


Entry forms, registration payment, and bills to be submitted must be in the hands of the Congress director by Monday, September 25, 2017.  Entries and bills may NOT be faxed.  To avoid technical glitches and to ensure the receipt of your entry, please e-mail to both  and



This year, we will be using the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 201 S Shackleford Road off I-430 in Little Rock.  Reservations must be arranged by October 20th. Ask for the “Reservations Department” andtell them that you are with “ACTAA Student Congress.”  Please plan to stay here.  Our rates for meeting rooms are based on Student Congress using 50 guest rooms.  Rates are $99 per room, plus taxPhone number for the hotel is 501-223-3000. Remember the October 20th deadline for reservations.  


All delegations must be sponsored and accompanied by an active member of ACTAA.  Coaches are to remain on site with students. Each coach is responsible for the Student Congress rule compliance of his/her delegation.  Colleges may enter a maximum of eight delegates; high schools may enter a maximum of six delegates. If you have any students wishing to run for office, candidates must be declared on the attached entry form. Entries must be submitted on time.  Each allowable change made after September 25th will be assessed a $5.00 change fee for each name.  There will also be a $5.00 judge drop fee assessed after that date. Please note:  Entries require delegate names by September 25th, not merely “Entry A”.  A student cannot be changed from one House to another after this date. At registration the only names that can be added are those of students who are completely replacing entry form delegates.  Once Congress begins, NO SUBSTITUTIONS are allowed for any reason.  Delegations must operate with only the registered delegates.  Fees will be assessed for any changes requested after September 25th.  Colleges may enter a maximum of four bills; high schools may enter a maximum of three, with the author/co-author assigned to the same house as their billBills not in compliance with the rules will not be included in the bill book.


Sessions will be held at the Crowne Plaza on Sunday and in the State Capitol Building on Monday and Tuesday.  Congress Headquarters and Tab Room will be located on the first floor of the State Capitol; the Coaches Lounge location will be announced at the Coaches meeting on Sunday evening.


We will be allowing laptop computers PRELOADED with bill research in sessions this year. No student may access the internet at any time. Proper use will be monitored by the Student Congress committee and pages. Any student found accessing the internet during competition at any point will be immediately disqualified and forfeit all points. 


Campaigning is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to communicate about Student Congress with students of a different school prior to 1:00 pm Sunday, November 12 is allowed.  Do not post materials on hotel walls or in elevators.  Handouts, posters on easels, and other temporary options are encouraged.  Please remove all discarded and left over materials. Pages may not campaign, but may wear stickers or other campaign material.


The entry fee for high schools is $125 and colleges/universities is $150 per delegation.  Fees are payable upon the return of the registration form or when Congress begins on Sunday. If this is not possible for your delegation, please make arrangements with the Congress Director.  Please request checks now!

GET BILLS AND ENTRIES EARLY.  Call if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at Student Congress in November.  


Martene Campbell – ACTAA Student Congress Permanent Director

Leigh Walters – Student Congress Director

Colton Gilbert—Co-Director 

Patrick Laxson 

Zack Tucker

Jennifer Akers – Tabulation 

Zack Tucker – Immediate Past Director


Entry and Bill Submission: September 25, 2017

Hotel Reservations for Student Congress at the Hotel Little Rock:  October 20, 2017

Student Congress: November 12-14, 2017


If sponsors are NOT YET members of ACTA, they must join!  Remember membership runs from September to August.  If you have not joined and would like to, please include full name/address (school and home, email) and a check made out to “ACTAA” for $50, and your membership will be forwarded to the Treasurer.   


Leigh Walters, Director

Martene Campbell, Permanent Director

Arkansas Student Congress

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