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AMI Teaching Resources

ACTAA is proud to begin an initiative to share resources that we have created for AMI work/materials. The following material is not the property of ACTAA, but is intended only for sharing of information among teachers. Please be responsible and respect copyright laws.

High School Debate

Rosie Valdez Block of Little Rock Central provides the "Judge Dream Team" AMI Lesson that can be modified and adapted as needed. She states "Easy-to-do, easy-to-modify. You can give students specific scenarios and have them create ideal panels for specific imagined debate rounds. 

Judge Dream Team LP .docx

Junior High/Freshman Debate

Rachel Mauchline of Cabot has created an AMI Packet for 5 Days in her Junior High/Freshman Debate Class. This packet focuses materials that aren't full "units" but foundational concepts in debate that can be elaborated on in more practical activities and drills later. 

AMI Junior High Debate.pdf

Junior High Forensics 

Tiffany Tucker of Cabot has constructed an AMI Packet for 8 Days in her Intro to Forensics Class. This packet focuses on the process of creating, preparing, and performing an event. This lesson allows students to be independent in their piece development and can have later growth in a classroom setting

Intro to Forensics AMI Packet

High School Theatre

With recommendation from Hannah Evans of Little Rock Central...

"Theatre Teachers can email local playwright John Haman. He's given permission for local teachers to share some of his new plays free of charge to students, and he'll send you a list of questions for feedback. Teachers just need to contact directly to get the watermarked PDF. The email is johnkhaman@gmail.com"

Fine Art (Theatre and Dance) 

Lana Hallmark from the Arkansas Department of Education has collaborated to provide a number of different resources to help with theatre, dance, and other visual art classes. 

Online Contributions Theatre/Dance

AMI Fine Arts

Ted Talks Communication/Debate

Kim Stanley of North Little Rock has provided a AMI Lesson based on Ted Talks! This is a super fun and engaging lesson! She's provided the questions, links, and answer key!

Robb Willer Ted Talk

David Sumner Ted Talk

Ted Talk with David Sumner To Win You Must Lose Worksheet.docx

Ted Talk Guided Notes for Robb Willer.docx

Ted Talk with David Sumner To Win You Must Lose Answers.docx

World Events (Communication)

Rosie Valdez Block of Little Rock Central has created a lesson in relation to COVID-19 World Pandemic. She stated "Attached is a lesson plan and assignment sheet for ANY debate or communication class. The assignment page at the end of the lesson plan is modified for AMI. Can also be adapted for lower level history courses. It is not explicitly a debate assignment and is sensitive to students' fears about the pandemic. 

LP Media Literacy (Coronavirus).docx

General Online Education 

Eli Stroud from the University of Central Arkansas shared this link providing materials for educators that are transitioning to online education. This also includes a link to online resources that are available for all subjects (including communication)

Wakelet Resources


Shelle House of North Little Rock has created a two-fold AMI assignment; SFX Makeup and Mashup Costume. She clarifies "The makeup assignment offers students three options of documentaries to view with follow up questions and it could be expanded into three separate assignments.  One option contains strong language and graphic/offensive images from horror movies and teachers may choose to omit it. The costume unit is broken into four tasks.  First, students watch a video over the creative process of costume design and take a Google Forms quiz.  Then, students watch Ruth Carter explain some design choices in Black Panther.  Students will then design a mashup costume in the same way that Carter combined traditional African garments with futurism and technology.  Finally, students watch Carter accept her Oscar for Costume Design and write their own acceptance speech as if their mashup costume has won." 

(Please make a personal copy of before using)

SFX Makeup/Mashup Costume

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